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Original Air Date:
Nick Jr
Prod. Co.:
LazyTown Entertainment

Characters & Voices
Stephanie - Julianna Rose Mauriello
Sportacus - Magnus Scheving
Robbie Rotten - Stefan Karl
Trixie - Sarah Burgess (P: Amanda Maddock)
Stingy - (P: Jodi Eichelberger)
Ziggy - (P: Gudmundur Thor Karason)
Pixel - Kobie Powell (P: Ronald Binion)
Mayor Meanswell - (P: David Matthew Feldman)
Bessie Busybody - (P: Julie Westwood)
Lazy Town is a comic action series about health and fitness for kids. Eight-year old Stephanie is an optimistic girl living in Lazy Town, where she is caught between a charismatic, health-conscious superhero and the world´s laziest bad guy. Superhero Sportacus inspires the kids of Lazy Town to play, move and find a healthy balance in their lives. Robbie Rotten, the villain, struggles to maintain the lazy status quo so he can get his beauty rest. The action and humor inherent in Lazy Town allows kids to experience the wacky, but wonderful, side of a healthy lifestyle. Created by Magnus Scheving, Lazy Town is already a household name in Iceland, where existing businesses include publishing, theatrical productions, live events and music.
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