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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends


Original Air Date:
Nick Jr
Prod. Co.:

Characters & Voices
Spinner - Austin Di Iulio
Spiderus - Tony Jay
Kaite - Emily Hampshire
Grub - Robert Tinkler
Snowdrop - Alexandra Lai
Betty Beatle - Patricia Gage
Gus - Peter Oldring
Miss Spider - Kristin Davis
Stinky - Scott McCord
Bounce - Julie Lemieux
Eddy - Ezra Perlman
Ned - Jonathan Wilson
Dragon - Mitchell Eisner
Beetrice - Catherine Gallant
Spinner (2005 - )
Pansy - Aaryn Doyle
Wiggle - Marc McHulkman
Spinderella - Kristina Nicole
Ted - Phillip Wiojams
Shimmer - Rebecca Baccnea
Squirt - Scott Boden
Based on the best-selling book series by children's author David Kirk, MISS SPIDER'S SUNNY PATCH FRIENDS is a delightful series featuring the eight-legged charmer, Miss Spider, her hubby Holley and their Sunny Patch Kids. The Sunny Patch bugs are a hodge-podge of creatures of every size, shape, color and personality, who strive to all get along and accept each other despite their differences.
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