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K10C: Kids Ten Commandments


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Characters & Voices
Seth - Chris Marquette
Shadi - Paul Winfield
A new animation series from TLC Entertainment in Association with SMEC Media and RichCrest Animation. Kids? Ten Commandments (K10C) had its US broadcast premiere on TBN in December, with its video release at Christmas in the CBA marketplace.

The winner of over twenty US television and homevideo awards, Kids? Ten Commandments is a new half hour animated series featuring the voiceover talent of Emmy-Award? and Tony? winning actors including Peter Strauss, Tim Curry, Jodi Benson and Tom Bosley. The series consists of 5 episodes with each episode illustrating 2 commandments. Combining colorful 3-D and rich 2-D animation techniques, Kids?Ten Commandments is designed to communicate the importance of the Bible?s Ten Commandments in a bold new light, entertaining and educating young children all over the world.
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