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From the creator of such great cartoons as Batman, Superman, Fat Albert, He-Man, She-Ra, and The Archies, comes the full-length animated feature-Robin and the Dreamweavers!

Produced by Lou Scheimer Productions, Robin and the Dreamweavers is a 74 minute animated movie that combines the warmth and character of conventional 2D animation with the spectacular effects of CGI. As is it should be, all the characters of the show are animated in 2D, while vehicles and a number of props are done in CGI. As this movie is aimed at the young adult market (18 to 30), if it were released theatrically, it would be rated PG-13 for sexual content and mature themes.

Robin is the first human born in Cyberspace, created by the Dreamweavers, to do battle against her evil nemesis, Triple X (She-Ra fans, think Adora vs. Shadow Weaver plus lots of silicon.) XXX wants to gain access to the real world and conquer it as she has nearly taken over Cyberspace. Under the comedic tutelage of the Dreamweavers and with the help of some human friends, Robin learns the skills and uses her unique ability to go up against this evil siren.

Wonderfully animated and superbly scored with a magnificent modern soundtrack, Robin and the Dreamweavers shows that Lou Scheimer is STILL the master of his craft.

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