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Characters & Voices
Sakura Avalon - Carly McKillip
Tory Avalon - Troy Sampson
Aiden Avalon -
Lee Showran - Alys Haber
Kero Beros - Matt Hill
Madison Taylor - Maggie Blue O'Hara
Julian Star - Sam Vincent
Zachary -
Mr. Terada -
Entitled "Card Captor Sakura"

Long ago a sorcerer named Clow Reed created a new kind of magic that he put into some cards. He sealed the cards in a book called The Clow. When ten-year old Sakura Avalon accidentally breaks the seal of the Clow book, the magical cards escape their confinement to wreak havok. Now with the help of Kero Beros, the Guardian Beast of the Clow Cards, and her best friend Madison, Sakura must get all the cards back at all costs.

Only someone with magical powers has the ability to break the seal of the Clow book, according to Kero. So the cards belong to Sakura. But tell that to her rival card captor, exchange student Lee Showran. Lee is a direct descendant of Clow Reed, so he believes it is his duty to get the cards back, and he thinks that Sakura is incompetent and has no business being a card captor.
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