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Adventures of Cyclone Malone, The


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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Cyclone Malone - Ross Jones
The Adventures of Cyclone Malone was essentially a puppet show take on The Perils of Pauline. Presented in traditional cliffhanger fashion, the show followed danger-seeking hero Cyclone Malone as he attempted to rescue his sweetheart Cosy from the clutches of such villains as The Lizard. When his missions were complete, he would sing heartfelt devotions of everlasting love to his sweetie.

The Los Angeles-based show was created by Ann Davis and Dorothy Novis at KNBH (KNBC) in 1949. The shows were available in 15 and 30 minute episodes, but regardless of the length, The Adventures of Cyclone Malone packed enough puppet-powered action to keep young viewers glued to their sofas, anxiously awaiting the next thrilling installment.
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