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Rolie Polie Olie: The Baby Bot Chase


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Ron Pitts and Mike Fallows

Characters & Voices
Olie -
Zowie -
Great Aunt Polie - Anna
Gloomius Maximus -
Coochie -
Coo -
Mom -
Dad -
Tomorrow is Family Frolic Day and Olie and Zowie are going to find Mom and Dad the most super duper present ever... a wishing star. They’re sure to find one with the help of Great Aunt Polie-Anna and Gloomius Maximus. The crew sets out to catch the best shooting star, but comes back with a couple of bouncing babies, ‘’lost’’ in space.

The adorable twins are Coochie and Coo. These two bots are cute as a cotter pin and are slipperier then greased lightening. They roll, bounce and even float, with the help of a propeller on the top of their antennae. The Polie household is chock-full o’ chuckles as the family feeds, dydees, and skedaddles after Coochie and Coo. But Mom and Dad know they need to find where these cuddly cuties belong.

Gloomius Maximus, who’s positively giddy at the prospect of taking the whole Polie troop on a search for the babies’ home, joins in on the mission. Along the way they meet old friends, but no one knows where Coochie and Coo came from. Not until Zowie and Olie capture a wishin’ star, which leads them to the Mother Ship, a gigantic floating nursery where babies wait for their forever families. It’s there that the Polies realize that they are Coochie and Coo’s forever family. And with Space Boy’s help, they hurry home to Polieville just in time to show off the two newest Polies in the Family Frolic Day Parade.
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