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Cabbage Patch Kids' First Christmas


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hanna Barbera
Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Otis Lee - Scott Menville
Dawson - Josh Rodine
Cannon - David Mendenhall
Sybil - Phenina Segal
Rachel - Ebony Smith
Tyler - Vaughn Jelks
Paula - Ann Marie McEvoy
Jenny - Gini Holtzman
Col. Casey - Hal Smith
Xavier - Sparky Marcus
Lavender - Tress MacNeille
Cabbage Jack - Arthur Burghardt
Gus - Arthur Burghardt
Beau - Neil Ross
Fingers - Neil Ross
In this special, the kids want to see how the real world outside of the cabbage patch celebrates Christmas. Once out, they meet an orphan girl who has nobody to spend Christmas with. She thinks that nobody will ever want her because she is handicapped. The kids decide to take matters into their own hands and find her a family. In they're journey through the city, they meet a group of mean people who try to capture the kids, but they fail to do so. They find a wallet on the street and return it to the man who owned it, who by the end of the episode adopts the little girl and one of the cabbage patch kids. The bad guys get arrested, and everyone else has a merry Christmas.
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