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CLYDE was a computer brain in another galaxy far, far away. Unfortunately for him, he developed a nasty virus called a sense of humour and other "human" characteristics, and was banished from the planet. Eventually he landed on Earth, where he was discovered by Matt (age 12) and his sister Samantha (age 10) who hooked him up to an old jukebox. CLYDE came to life: a joking, fun-loving extrovert in a world that is not quite ready for him.

The series’ setting is Alberto’s Diner, somewhere in the heart of America. Alberto is the master artist of the sandwich, but there’s more happening at the diner than flavourful food and characters.

The episodes are filled with tension and adventure, with an ample dose of humour thrown in. From averting a nuclear catastrophe, to investigating why people are eating more of the competition’s hamburgers, our heroes demonstrate responsible problem-solving in high-risk situations. With CLYDE’s brains and a little ingenuity on the part of Matt and Sam, danger always seems to be averted in the nick of time!
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