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Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet


Original Air Date:
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Warner Brothers
Thanksgiving special


Characters & Voices
Bugs Bunny -
Yosemite Sam -
Wile E Coyote -
Road Runner -
Tazmanian Devil -
Sylvester -
Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet The doctor is in! And he prescribes a steady supply of cartoon laughs (featuring moments from classic Warner Bros. animated shorts plus a special wraparound story) to kick off the year-end holiday season. Bugs Bunny, make that Dr. Bugs Bunny, is the Doctor of Chubbyology, head of a Diet Clinic specializing in weighty Thanksgiving matters. His clients include Yosemite Sam, who's just got to have varmit meat (yes, rabbit would do nicely) for Thanksgiving. And Sylvester, who's either an emergency case or a basket case when it comes to finding a way to open a can of tuna. Plus there's a special 'Wild Turkey Surprise' for the eternally hungry Tasmanian Devil ' and more surprises for you. So dig in! (And eat your heart out, Daffy Duck. This time, Bugs runs the entire show!)
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