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Sesame Street Presents Follow that Bird


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Jim Henson Productions


Characters & Voices
Big Bird - Carroll Spinney
Oscar the Grouch - Carroll Spinney
Luis - Emilio Delgado
Kermit the Frog - Jim Henson
Ernie - Jim Henson
Cookie Monster - Frank Oz
Bert - Frank Oz
Grover - Frank Oz
Grouch Cook - Paul Bartel
Grouch Waitress - Sandra Bernhard
State Trooper - John Candy
Newscaster - Chevy Chase
Sid Sleaze - Joe Flaherty
Truck Driver - Waylon Jennings
Sam Sleaze - Dave Thomas
Mommy Dodo - Laraine Newman
Daddy Dodo - Brian Hohlfeld
Marie Dodo - Cathy Silvers
Donnie Dodo - Eddie Deezen
After three successful Muppet movies, the gang from Sesame Street finally got a film of their own. The long-running childrenís educational program, filled with Jim Hensonís Muppet creations, taught youngsters letters and numbers in a fun and funny way that parents could appreciate almost as much as their children. Follow That Bird carried that wacky spirit into a feature setting, with songs from Van Dyke Parks and Lennie Niehaus.

In an interesting choice of villains, Sally Kellerman plays Miss Finch, a misguided social worker who thinks Big Bird would be happier among his own feathered kind. The eight-foot yellow guy is taken to Oceanview, Illinois (get it?), to live with the Dodo family. When the Dodos turn out to be aptly-named lame-brains, the Bird hits the road to find his way back to Sesame Street.

Meanwhile, Birdís old chums have mounted a search of their own, fanning out in a variety of vehicles to find their feathered friend. The happy reunion is delayed when Big Bird falls in with a pair of no-good con men named Sid and Sam Sleaze (SCTVís Joe Flaherty and Dave Thomas).

Like the TV series, Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird benefited from a bevy of celebrity cameos, including Sandra Bernhard as a Grouch Waitress, Chevy Chase as a newscaster (teamed up with Kermit the Frog), John Candy as a cop and Waylon Jennings as a country singing truck driver. A hit with Sesame Streetís core fan club of pre-schoolers, the movie paved the way for superstar Elmoís first feature fourteen years later, The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.
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