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A Monster Easter


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Easter special

Characters & Voices
Tom -
Monsters (Norma -
Spongy Fred -
Roger -
Ted -
Jacques -
Hatty -
Tim -
Dan -
Colin) -
The Chicken -
Marky the Cat Burglar -
Easter Bunny -
Aunt Pitty the Housekeeper -
The Policemen -
Tom's friends are a group of silly monsters who want to play and not to scare. Easter comes along and they all get ready to find eggs. The night the Easter bunny hides the eggs he is followed by Marky who steals them all from behind. He also winds up bagging the Easter bunny. When all the kids in the neighborhood look for the eggs the next day, there are none to be found. Tom and the monsters decide to try to find the Easter bunny to see what happened. The turn the shed in the back yard into a hot-air balloon. They use the balloon to fly to an Island which they think is Easter Island. They wind up on the Isle of Egg, where the Easter bunny really lives. They meet Aunt Pitty, who is the Easter bunny's housekeeper. She is also worried about him because he never came home. Tom returns to his home and searches the countryside for the bunny. At the same time, two cops are looking for the person that stole all of the Easter eggs, but they have no luck. Marky is working in cohoots with The Chicken, a guy in a chicken costume. They stole all of the eggs to sell them. In the end, Tom and the monsters stumble upon the criminals, who have gone crazy because of the pestering Easter bunny. They get the eggs back and bring the bunny back home. Plus the cops get the bad guys.
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