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White Seal, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Chuck Jones
Random special

Characters & Voices
Narrator - Roddy McDowall
Kotec - Roddy McDowall
Matkah - June Foray
Another story from "The Jungle Books" one of the series that shows stories, this one usually shows the stories of Rudyard Kipling.

The White seal was the only one different compared to the rest of the seals which are brown. He was raised by his mother, Matkah, since his father was one of the seals that found him annoying The seals have been hunted for 30 years, and since the leaders don't try to change anything, only protect themselves as much as they can, it is up to The White Seal named Kotec to find a new home for them where they will be safe from hunting. He explores the ocean meeting sharks, dolphins, otters, whales, walruses, sea cows, and a bunch of men that are covered in seals skins and look like horrifying monsters and surrounded some baby seals. He scares the men off while they think he is the ghost that represents all the seals they have killed. He tries to find a safe place for them to live but ends up either being chased by sharks or finds a new place with skeletons of dead seals on them. Then Kotec asks A Walrus and he says to find The Sea Cow, a creature that looks funnier than A Walrus. The Whale takes him to The Sea Cow, and follows him to his home. Kotec later comes back and chases the stubborn seals, which they all seemed to enjoy it, and his father also finally was proud of him. The seals found the island where The Sea Cow lived where The Hunters didn't know about, and seems to only be entered through underwater. With the protection of The Secret Island, and Kotec, whose differences are found to actually to be very useful, the seals are now safe, and were never hunted ever again.

Kotec is A White Seal with blue eyes, which turn red when he is angry. This is a classic adventure from “The Jungle Books”, a series created by Chuck Jones and used some of Rudyard Kipling’s stories, and these stories were also on series such as Fables And Legends and ABC Weekend Specials and other related series. “The White Seal, A Story From ‘The Jungle Books ‘ ” was composed by Dean Elliott and used music from Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony. It includes facts on how to tell fish apart from sea mammals.
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