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Finding Nemo


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Characters & Voices
Nemo - Alexander Gould
Dory - Ellen DeGeneres
Bloat - Brad Garrett
Marlin - Albert Brooks
Coral - Elizabeth Perkins
Mr. Ray - Bob Peterson
Bruce - Barry Humphries
Nigel - Geoffrey Rush
Crush - Andrew Stanton
Jaques - Joe Ranft
Bubbles - Stephen Root
Peach - Allison Janney
Deb - Vickie Lewis
Gurgle - Austin Pendleton
Gill - Willem Dafoe
Squirt - Nicholas Bird
Anchor - Eric Bana
Chum - Bruce Spence
Barbara -
P. Sherman - Bill Hunter
Darla - Lulu Ebeling
Tad - Jordy Ranft
Pearl - Erica Beck
Sheldon - Erik Per Sullivan
Mr. Johansen -
Green Fish -
Blue Fish -
Other Fish - John Ratzenberger
(cgi animation)

When Coral, a whole neighborhood, and hundred of eggs disappear, the only ones left from the attack are Marlin and Nemo. Things get difficult when Marlin promises that nothing (bad) will happen to Nemo and protects from everything. They get into an argument one day and Nemo later gets captured. Marlin tries to save him and bumps into Dory, a goofy fish with short term memory loss. Because of this Marlin doesn't trust her, but he learns to trust her which helps him learn to trust Nemo. The three gain popularity with the whole ocean, and many help Marlin and Nemo to find each other.
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