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A Goofy Movie


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Kevin Lima

Characters & Voices
Goofy - Bill Farmer
Max - Jason Marsden
Pete - Jim Cummings
Roxanne - Kellie Martin
PJ - Rob Paulsen
Principal Mazur - Wallace Shawn
Stacey - Jenna von O˙
Bigfoot - Frank Welker
Lester - Kevin Lima
Waitress - Florence Stanley
Miss Maples - Jo Anne Worley
Photo Studio Girl - Brittany Alyse Smith
Lester's Grinning Girl - Robyn Richards
Lisa - Julie Brown
Tourist kid - Klee Bragger
(drawn animation)

Disney’s classic cartoon dog/man finally earned his own starring feature role in 1995’s A Goofy Movie, sharing screen time with his troubled teen son Max. The two had already found success on the Disney Afternoon cartoon Goof Troop, and the studio felt the floppy-eared Goofs were ready for the big time.

Like most dog/boys his age, Max believes his father is tragically out of touch and terminally unhip. The younger Goof, fearing he will grow up every bit as dorky as his father, seeks out coolness by trying to impress school cutie Roxanne with an impromptu concert. When Principal Mazur sees the boy’s antics, he calls in Goofy for a parent-and-principal conference.

Goofy decides the perfect remedy to his son’s shenanigans would be a father/son fishing trip, an idea so incredibly uncool young Max seems ready to die of embarrassment. Max tells Roxanne that he and his father are actually off to see pop idol Powerline in a televised concert, and that he’ll wave to her from the crowd. The bulk of the film follows the Goofy father and son road trip, including encounters with both Elvis and Bigfoot, as Max tries to find a way to make good on his promise to Roxanne.

Released without the fanfare of a Lion King or Pocahontas and entering theaters only two months before the latter film, A Goofy Movie still managed to score a respectable hit. Goof Troop kept the Goofy family's adventures going on television, and the gang re-teamed for a direct-to-video sequel, An Extremely Goofy Movie, in 2000.
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