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Hey Vern, It's Ernest!


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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Existo / Mike the Clown - Bruce Arntson
George's Roomate / Various - Mac Bennett
Willie the Homemade Robot / Earl the Barber / Various - Daniel Butler
Bobby - Bill Byrge
Various - Debi Derryberry
Various - Mark Goldman (II)
Various - Denice Hicks
Chuck / Lonnie Don / Matt Finish / Various - Gailard Sartain
Ernest P. Worrell / Dr. Otto / Auntie Nelda / Sergant Glory / Various - Jim Varney
Ms. Simon Simmons / Various - Jackie Welch
“Hey Vern, I got my own TV show!”

That's right, that goofy Southern guy who had spent years addressing the camera as “Vern” in TV commercials now had his own show, hot off the surprising success of the 1987 feature, Ernest Goes to Camp.

Rubber-faced comedian Jim Varney, who created the Ernest P. Worrell character, starred in this live-action series of sketches, which featured well-intentioned lessons and humor. Though there were three other actors in the cast, Varney himself played a variety of the roles, including a baby, a cranky woman, and the mad scientist Dr. Otto.

The show ran only one season (enough to earn Varney an Emmy), but Ernest P. Worrell lived on in a string of films, including Ernest Goes to Jail, Ernest Scared Stupid, and Slam Dunk Ernest.
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