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Tubby the Tuba


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Characters & Voices
Narrator/ Producer/ Co - creator
Tubby The Tuba - Dick Van Dyke
Pee Wee The Picolo - David Wayne
Celeste - Jane Powell
Celeste's mean landlady - Hermonie Ginggold
The Singing Herald of The Singing City - Jack Gilford
Mrs. Elephant - Pearl Bailey
The Frog - Cyril Richard
Miss Violin - Ruth Enders Tripp
Based upon the popular children musical story. This feature length animated adaptation recalls "Tubby's" misadventures.

As he tries to create and perform his own "Pretty Melody". The film featured a cast of top performers providing the voices for the characters and the movie was produced, created and narrated by the co-creator of the tale, Paul Tripp. Tripp's wife Ruth Enders was the voice of the haughty "Miss Violin" and Cyril Richard made his last performance in this movie as the voice of "The Frog" who helps poor "Tubby" finally find his "Pretty Melody".

"Tubby The Tuba" was first seen in the movies as a "Puppetoon" short created and produced by George Pal. Mr. Pal's "Puppetoon" version of "Tubby" was released by Paramount Pictures in 1947 and narrated by character actor Victory Jory.
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