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Journey Back to Oz


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hal Sutherland


Characters & Voices
Dorothy Gale - Liza Minnelli
Auntie Em - Margaret Hamilton
Uncle Henry - Paul Ford
The Singing, Talking Sign Post of Oz - Jack E. Leonard
The Scarecrow - Mickey Rooney
The Tin Man (Singing Voice) - Danny Thomas
The Tin Man (Speaking Voice) - Larry Storch
The Cowardly Lion - Milton Berle
Wooden Head Stallion The III - Herschel Bernardi
Pumpkinhead - Paul Lynde
Glinda The Good Witch - Rise' Stevens
Mombi The Wicked Witch - Ethel Merman
Mombi's crow - Mel Blanc
Hosts/ Performers/ Narrators for the live segments on ABC TV and in national syndication: -
The Wizard Of Oz - Bill Cosby
Milton Berle - Himself
Sprig - Unknown
Twig - Unknown
The voice and manipulator of "The Wizard's" parrot puppet - Unknown
This animated feature length version Of Frank Baum's sequel to"The Wizard Of Oz" has Dorothy and Toto returning to "Oz" via another tornado that sweeps across the Kansas farmlands.

When she returns to the enchanted realm, Dorothy finds out to her horror that she was brought back to Oz by the evil and equally powerful cousin of The Wicked Witches Of The
East and West, Mombi, who wants to gain possession of Dorothy's silver shoes and to get revenge against her for killing her cousins.

Seeing that she needs help in foiling this new and more dangerous adversary, the little heroine seeks out her friends. The Scarecrow (now the ruler of The Emerald City), The Tin Man (ruler of
his own kingdom) and The Cowardly Lion (He rules the forest of Oz). None of her friends can help, especially the Poor Scarecrow who has been captured by Mombi, her crow and her army of giant green magical elephants.

With the aid of Glinda and her new friends Woodenhead Stallion The III (A rejected carousel horse) and Pumpkinhead (A former henchman of Mombi's who despises her plans for conquering Dorothy and Oz escapes from the demented sorceress) and together they foil her plans by having a mouse scare the giant green elephants and stomping Mombi to death.

Dorothy is once again hailed as the heroine of the enchanted realm. Her new friends are made Ambassadors of the realm and she is sent back home to Kansas via Glinda's magic.

This film was shown on The ABC TV Network in the late 1970's with Comic Actor and storyteller Bill Cosby in the role of The Wizard Of Oz. Mr. Cosby served as the film broadcast's host/ performer and narrator.

Mr.Cosby's "Wizard" was aided by two kids a boy and girl playing two "Munchkin" characters Sprig & Twig and a parrot puppet (The names of the kid actors who played "Sprig and Twig" and the manipulator and voice of the parrot puppet are unknown).

ABC TV aired the film for a second time then they dropped the film from their broadcasting schedule. The film was seen on tv again a few years later in national syndication. When the tv rights to "The Journey Back To Oz" was bought by SFM Media Distribution Inc. it was shown in national syndication (as part of The SFM Holiday Network presentation of family films).

"The Journey Back To Oz" was screened with a new host/ narrator for the live segments, Mr. Milton Berle (Mr.Berle was the voice of "The Cowardly Lion" in the movie). The film was seen in NYC on WNEW TV Ch.5.
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