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Charlotte's Web


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Charles Nichols and Iwao Takamoto


Characters & Voices
Charlotte - Debbie Reynolds
Wilbur - Henry Gibson
Templeton - Paul Lynde
Jeffrey - Don Messick
The Goose - Agnes Moorehead
Narrator - Rex Allen
Homer Zuckerman - Robert Holt
Mrs. Zuckerman - Joan Gerber
Arable - John Stephenson
Mrs. Arable - Martha Scott
Fern Arable - Pamelyn Ferdin
Henry Fussy - William B. White
Mrs. Fussy - Joan Gerber
Lurvy - Herb Vigran
(drawn animation)

E.B. White’s tear-jerking children’s classic Charlotte's Web came to animated life in this 1973 musical feature. With the vocal talents of Debbie Reynolds, Paul Lynde, Agnes Moorehead, Henry Gibson and others, the tender story of a pig and a spider reached a whole new generation.

When piglet Wilbur is sold from Homer Zuckerman’s New England farm to a neighbor, he learns that his fate is the family dinner table. Understandably terrified, Wilbur finds sympathy from a motherly spider named Charlotte. But Charlotte gives more than sympathy; she literally saves Wilbur’s life, weaving messages like “Radiant,” “Terrific” and “Some Pig” into the doorframe where Wilbur sits.

The amazed public flocks to Wilbur’s farm to see “Zuckerman’s Famous Pig,” and soon the little ham-sandwich-to-be is worth more alive than dead, earning a spot at the county fair. But what will be the cost to the tireless spider?

Poignant and heartbreaking, Charlotte's Web was buoyed up by comic relief from a rat named Templeton and by songs from Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman, whose resume included Disney’s Mary Poppins and the animated The Jungle Book. True to its pedigree, the movie became a classic itself, continuing to teach White's valuable lesson of friendship, sacrifice and love.
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