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Hot Fudge Show, The


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Lexington Broadcast Services
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Arte Johnson -
Larry Santos -
Ron Coden -
Professor Emotion:(Ron Coden) -
Caz -
Seymour - Bob Elnicky
Homer -
Stacy -
Mona -
Jeffrey:(Mona's Brother) -
Glen Denver -
Mr. Pollution -
Mr. Kootch -
Harry Unreasonable -
Mr. Nasty:(Ron Coden) -
Amanda Caruthers -
Yolanda Williams -
The Electric Fuzz -
"Hot Fudge, Holy Moley"

Songs, skits and blackouts were the order of the day on the Hot Fudge Show, a memorable educational series from producers Barry Hurd and Bob Elnicky. Featuring live actors and a gaggle of brightly colored puppets that tore it up on stage with their respective musical instruments, this Detroit-based series ran from 1976-80.

Originally a local program, Hot Fudge Show soon spread across the country, syndicated on local affiliates across the country-usually very early in the morning. For anyone who was awake that early, it’s remembered for its psychedelic opening credits and sing-a-long ditties such as “Hooray for Friendship.”

Arte Johnson, of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, hosted the first season, and after that, local Detroit singer/comedians Larry Santos and Ron Coden took over. Seymour the Monster (voiced by Elnicky) was the featured puppet, but fellow puppet Glen Denver stole many a show by crooning many of Hot Fudge's unforgettable tunes. Over the course of the show's run, four Hot Fudge Show albums were released: The Electric Fuzz - Rock ‘N Roll from the Hot Fudge Show, Larry and Seymour Sing Songs from the HFS, Glen Denver Sings Country from the HFS and Hooray for Friendship.
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