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Gulliver's Travels


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Dave Fleischer


Characters & Voices
Lemuel Gulliver - Sam Parker
King Little Of Lilliput - Jack Mercer
Gabby The Town Crier Of Lilliput - Pinto Colvig
Prince David - Jack Mercer
Prince David (singing) - Lanny Ross
Princess Glory (singing) - Jessica Dragonette
Sneak - Jack Mercer
Snoop - Jack Mercer
Snitch - Jack Mercer
King Bombo Of Blefescue -
This film relate Brittish Sailor Lemuel Gulliver's adventures in the kingdom of the little people "Lilliput". When he is captured and is about to be killed by King Little and his soldiers on the mistaken belief that he is a spy for the monarch of the rivel realm of Blefescue, King Bombo. (Blefescue is at war with Lilliput because King Little refuses to play the anthem of Blefescue "Forever" at the wedding of Prince David and Princess Glory). But, Gulliver saves the kingdome from an attack by Bombo and his navy and he becomes the hero of the realm. The giant sailor is pleased with his new found celebrity until he finds out from the prince and princess about the war being instigated by their royal fathers.

When King Bombo's three spies Sneak, Snoop and Snitch steal Gulliver's gun (which the Lilliputians nickname a Thunder Machine) and planned to shoot the giant with it so that their king can successfully wipe out the Lilliputians in a battle from the sea. Prince David stops the gun from killing his friend but he almost dies in the attempt.

Gulliver angrily admonishes the Poor Foolish Little People for their stupid and selfish arguing over a song. When they see that his highness of Blefescue is safe and sound the people of both realms finally learn their lesson and sing "Faithful" and "Forever" as one major anthem.

The animated version of "Gulliver's Travels!" was not a hit with movie-goers in 1939. Many moviegoers and film critics and historians consider this feature a poor imitation of Disney's Snow White and the film has been dismissed. "Gulliver's Travels" did develop a loyal following however. When the movie was rereleased to tv in the 1960's on many local tv stations around the holidays. WABC TV Ch.7 in NYC began screening the movie on it's "Family Classics" show in November of 1960. Since then the feature has become popular with young tv viewers and it has remained a popular attraction with tv viewers and with home video fans.

Pinto Colvig (The voice of Gabby in "Gulliver")would later star in his own series of movie cartoons. Like his first appearance in the Fleischer's feature film "Gabby" was not a hit with movie fans and it was not until his cartoon series was rerunned on local kids tv shows in the late 1950's that the character would finally gain a fan following.

King Little would appear in a Paramount/ Famous movie cartoon Popeye's "Wotta Knight" (as the announcer of a knight's joust), King Bombo appeared in two Paramount/ Famous cartoons: Casper The Friendly Ghost's "Boo Moon" and Popeye's "Popeye's Travels". (Originally Popeye was meant to star in the Fleischer's animated feature film version of Mr. Swift's story, but the two animators decided to be faithful to the original novel and create a cartoon version of Swift's hero).
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