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Zeta Project, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Warner Bros. Television

Characters & Voices
Zeta - Diedrich Bader
Ro - Julie Nathanson
Bennett - Kurtwood Smith
West - Michael Rosenbaum
Lee - Lauren Tom
"The Zeta Project chronicles the futuristic adventures of Zeta, a renegade government-designed robot, and Ro, a 15-year-old street-wise runaway. Zeta was originally designed as a high-tech weapon for the government, but made a decision to deny his "destruction" program, and is now searching for his creator while trying to stay a step ahead of government agents' intent on his capture. Ro is a savvy runaway searching for her long-lost family, while trying to avoid the system. With his awesome gadgetry and moral conviction and her street smarts and humor, Zeta and Ro are on the road and on the run in 2040, helping each other and those they meet along the way - unlikely allies in a kaleidoscope of adventure."
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