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You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown


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Random special

Characters & Voices
Charlie - Arrin Skelley
Lucy - Michelle Muller
Marcie - Casey Carlson
Linus - Daniel Anderson
Fred - Tim Hall
Pep Patty - Patricia Patts
Announcer - Scott Beach
Snoopy - Bill Melendez
The school track meet is only weeks away, and there is still one event that nobody has signed up for, the Decathlon. Of course, Charlie wants to be in the meet and being that this is the only event that still has an opening, he has to take it. Patty trains him long and hard until the first day of the meet finally comes. Marcie also enters the Decathlon so that there is a better chance of the school to win. Snoopy enters the event representing his obedience school. The whole event is neck and neck with each of the contestants. In the end, Charlie blows his big chance to win the whole thing but luckily Marcie is there to back him up and win it for the school.
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