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Yogi's First Christmas


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hanna Barbera
Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Yogi - Daws Butler
BooBoo - Don Messick
Ranger John Smith - Don Messick
In this special, Yogi winds up waking up a few days before Christmas. He somehow manages to get employed at the Jellystone hotel where he meets up with his friends. Along with Boo Boo, Yogi winds up moving up the company ladder until he becomes the manager by the end of the episode. Meanwhile, Mrs. Throckmorton, the hotel owner, and her son Snively, show up to celebrate the holiday season at the hotel. Snively is a little bastard who hates Christmas and causes all sorts of mischief. He winds up getting kidnapped by Herman, who also hates Christmas. They team up and make plans to destroy the holiday season for the gang at the hotel. No matter what they do, it all backfires on them and they just stay at Herman's cave. They show up at the hotel dressed like Santa and an elf and try to ruin the party. They fail and wind up staying for the food. Yogi comes dressed as Santa and gives both of the two corrupt individuals presents which completely changes their outlook on the holiday and they all celebrate it together. The real Santa shows up by the end of the show as well.
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