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Yes You Can


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Characters & Voices
Kevin Gillis -
Trevor Bruneau -
Tammy Bourne -
Coach Cuddles Ford (real name:Patrick Ford) -
Michael Magee:voices of Harry Hog and The Body Man -
A sports TV series for children that showed different kinds of sports, and learning instructions about the skills in sports. The show
featured 4 cast memembers, such as "Kevin Gillis" (who was also the creater of the Canadian animated TV series:"The Raccoons", and a composer), "Trevor Bruneau", "Tammy Bourne", and "Patrick Ford" as (Coach Cuddles Ford). It also featured two animated characters: "Harry Hog, and The Body Man." Coach Cuddles Ford however, would teach kid viewers about the views of sports, and then would end up injuring himself in a comic way. Famous athletes in the middle of the show would show Trevor and Tammy how to play different ways in sports like football, baseball, etc.. Harry Hog (whose voice was played by Michael Magee), would always think of food, gaining weight, and making put downs at people. Michael Magee however, also played the voice of "Cyril Sneer" in "The Raccoons". "The Body Man", would go up to Kevin Gillis, and tell him about the functionings of the parts of the human body.
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