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Year Without Santa Claus, The


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Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Iggy's Father - Ron Marshall
Heatmiser - George S. Irving
Snowmiser - Dick Shawn
Mrs. Claus - Shirley Booth
Santa - Mickey Rooney
Jingle - Robert McFadden
Jangle - Bradley Bolke
Iggy - Colin Duffy
Mother Nature - Rhoda Mann
In this special, Santa Claus decides to take the year off because he doesn't think that people care anymore. Panicked by the decision, Jingle and Jangle the elves go down to Earth to find good holiday cheer and people who still believe in Santa. They get into all sorts of trouble and have to be bailed out by Mrs. Claus. They have to make it snow over a town in the south, where it is always hot. They go to Snowmiser to have him make it snow, but he tells them that that territory is owned by Heatmiser, so they go see him. He tells them that the only way he would let it snow for one day was if he could have the North Pole for a day. Heatmiser and Snowmiser get into a huge argument over this. Time for the last resort. Mrs. Claus and the elves go to see Mother Nature. She makes her boys agree on giving the other a region for a day. The snow falls on the southern town and people start getting into the holiday spirit. When Mrs. Claus returns to Santa, she tells him how everyone is excited for the holiday. He gets a change of heart and does his job.
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In 1945, Brenda Starr, who had previously appeared only on Sundays, added a daily strip as well.