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Yakkity Yak


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Kapow Pictures and Studio B

Characters & Voices
Yakkity -
Granny -
Keo -
Lemon -
"Yakkity Yak" is an animated series centered on 12-year-old Yakkity Yak, a yak who wants to be recognised for his comedy skills and dreams of becoming a famous comedian. ..While at school, Yakkity is doing the groundwork by playing "gigs", including occasional kids' birthday parties, impromptu school performances and anything else he or his semi-committed agent Trilo can get. While his comedic talents are obvious; at this stage in his life it can sometimes feel to him that his most regular comedy work is in fact as the school mascot. From football to debating, he's always cheering everyone on - it's his family tradition. He'll get to the top, but not before he lives a little. All good comedians need life experiences for material and this is what this series is all about!
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