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Xiaolin Showdown


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Warner Bros.


Characters & Voices
Master Fung - Rene Auberjonois
Master Fung (Season 2+) - Maurice LaMarche
Narrator - Rene Auberjonois
Clay - Jeff Bennett
Jack Spicer - Danny Cooksey
Kimiko - Grey Delisle
Raimundo - Tom Kenny
Dojo Konojo Jo - Wayne Knight
Wuya - Susan Silo
Omi - Tara Strong
A mystical comedy crusade that follows Omi, a gifted monk-in-training from the Xiaolin Temple to destinations around the world. Omi leads his fellow trainees - rich Japanese hacker girl Kimiko, flashy Brazilian circus star Raimundo and Texas Kung Fu cowboy Clay - around the world to find and protect sacred ancient power objects that hold the keys to mystical superpowers. Challenging the young monks in their quest are Evil Boy Genius, Jack Spicer, and his team of ludicrous supervillains - all competeing for these objects in extreme Xiaolin Showdowns. The outcome of these showdowns could result in either side becoming the ultimate force for good...or evil!

Shen Gong Wu:

The Shen Gong Wu are mystical power objects used long ago by Grand Master Dashi to defeat the evil Haylin witch, Wuya. After she was imprisoned in the wooden puzzle box, Dashi and Dojo distributed them around the world to help maintain the balance of good and evil.

The Shen Gong Wu take many forms, often as ordinary, every day objects. They remain hidden until they activate, at which point the Ancient Scroll of the Shen Gong Wu illumines the Chinese character of the said Shen Gong Wu.

Show Downs:

When two opponents fight over possession of a Shen Gong Wu and then come to a stalemate, the Shen Gong Wu starts to magically glow, indicating that a showdown is imminent. A challenge is made and one of each opponent's Shen Gong Wu are wagered in the contest (giving the winner three Shen Gong Wu: the one they had, the one they were battling over, and their opponent's).

The first opponent to challenge the other to a Xiaolin Showdown gets to set the terms of the challenge. For example, if Omi and Jack Spicer are fighting over the Eye of Dashi, when the eye starts glowing, Omi would call out, "Jack Spicer, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!" Omi would look around his environment to find a suitable contest that is real world based. Spying a path of rocks across a mountain stream, he would set the challenge to be the first one across the rocks to the other side wins. Then Jack would accept the challenge, and they would both shout out together "Let's go...XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN!"

At that moment, they would be transported into a hyper-reality version of the contest. To continue the example, the rocks would rise up into the sky thousands of feet high. They would change shape: some would become very large, others impossibly tiny. They might also move around, making it harder to calculate the jump. The rules of physics need not apply, making it possible to amazing physical and martial art feats.

Once the task is completed, the Showdown world disappears, and the Xiaolin Warriors are returned to the normal world.
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