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What About Mimi?


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Studio B

Characters & Voices
Mimi Morton -
Jason -
Bradley Morton -
Elaine -
Russell -
Ms. Grindstone -
Loadman -
Brock -
Herbert -
Jake Amore -
Hayley -
Ms. Murchison -
Sincerity -
The problem with the world is simple: it has wonderful potential, but it's poorly managed. Somebody's got to step in and fix it. Well... What about Mimi?."I mean, what kind of girl would let her little brother Bradley sell lemonade without a marketing plan? .Or let her older brother Jason wallow in dorkiness without an image makeover?.Or allow her best friend Elaine to produce a play without a skilled and stunning director- like yours truly?.And I've got just the thing for Mom and Dad's little problem - a second honeymoon, arranged by Mimi Morton, travel planner extraordinaire."..Guided by good intentions, hostage to a wild imagination and prone to random emotional impulses, 11-year old Mimi always has a plan...She's a straight-shooter who usually blurts out what everyone else dares only to think, and a fighter who'll stand up for the little guy. ..The problem is, Mimi's spectacularly rich fantasy life tends to swiftly transform misunderstandings and non-events into overblown dilemmas. Then her brilliant and elaborate solutions have a way of making everything disastrously worse, catapulting her headlong into Crisis Management Mode..As resourceful as she is impulsive, Mimi learns from her mistakes just in time to make a brilliant batch of new ones. Who knows what she'll do next? We can only hold on and enjoy the ride.
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