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What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown


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Random special

Characters & Voices
Charlie - Liam Martin
Snoopy - Bill Melendez
One evening after a long day, Snoopy makes himself a huge dinner. Somewhere around 7 pizzas and 3 milkshakes. Well, that much food wuld give anyone a stomach ache, and he got his, along with some really bad dreams. He dreamt that he belonged to a Bobsled driver and they were in the icy tundra regiosn of the north. The other dogs didnít like him and never let him eat or drink. The driver was mean, and nobody let him into the buildings because he was just a dog. By the end of his dream, he was the head dog of the sled. He was fierce and awful and ready to take down anything that got in his way. During a great struggle in a frozen ocean, Snoopy awoke and decided to stay inside for the rest of the evening. The dream itself was very much like the story 'The Call of the Wild' by Jack London.
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