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USA Cartoon Express


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Hanna Barbera

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This was one of the best cartoon blocks in television history. It played shows from all over the cartoon spectrum, from Mr. T to Mr. Magoo and Friends and even to The Flintstones. No matter what year, they just sloshed them together in one great cartoon package. It ran from three and a half hours all the way to six hours. It was wonderful. In February of 1989, the block began it's run. The lineup at that time was "Huckleberry Hound and Friends", "Help! It's the Hear Bear Bunch", "The Flintstones", "GoBots", "Jana of the Jungle", "Mr. T", "The Pac-Man Show", "She-Ra", and "Young Samson" with the "Space Kidettes". Wow! On the weekends other shows were shown to make the block a whole four and a half hours. They were "Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels", "Dragon's Lair", "Dynomutt", "The New Fred and Barney Show", "Goober and the Ghost Chasers", "He-Man", "Hong Kong Phooey", "JEM", "Monchichis", "Mr. Magoo and Friends", "Paw Paws", "Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show", "Popeye and Son", "Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics", "Shirt Tales", "Smurfs", "Snorks", "Teen Force", "Turbo Teen", "Where's Huddles?", "Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch" and "Yogi's Treasure Hunt". Phew! Talk about a cartoon fix to end all cartoon fixes. Within the next year, several of the shows were yanked for time constraints and so forth, including He-Man and Popeye and Son. In the '91 season, almost all of the original lineup was still around. The new addition was "Voltron", yet another great. In 1992, when the ever-so-repetative Cartoon Network began, all of the HB shows were taken out and brought over to TOON, leaving very few shows. To make it worse, three of the Ruby Spears shows were yanked, including MR. T, Dragon's Lair, and Turbo Teen. With only acouple shows remaining in the lineup, some more were needed. Next to be added was "G.I.Joe", filling one of the holes. The next year, 2 brandy new shows were added to the lineup, and they were all-new to boot. They were "Problem Child" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider". In the same season, Voltron and Smurfs were taken off and "Dinosaucers" was also added. For the weekend lineup, four more shows were added, bringing the time slot to maximum capacity of six hours of cartoon numbing pleasure. They were "Cadillacs & Dinosaurs", "Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling", "Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors", and "Super Mario Bros. 3". But of course, when you add some, you lose some. Scooby Doo and the Real Ghostbusters were given their pink slip. With another season coming, casualties were inevitable. Those who didn't make it for the next year were "Denver the Last Dinosaur", Dinosaucers, Hulk Hogan, Mario, and Dinosaucers. The new inductees were "Woody Woodpecker and Friends", "Savage Dragon", and Street Fighter" for the week block, while "Exosquad" and "WildC.A.T.S." joined the weekend ranks. The final season came in 1996. Oh the humanity! In this last season, a few brand new shows were added, including "Wing Commander Academy" and "Mortal Kombat", and reruns of "Dennis the Menace". With so many shows out there, this series of blocks should be resurrected, but one can only hope.
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