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Untalkative Bunny, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Dynomight Cartoons

Characters & Voices
Untalkative Bunny -
Orange Squirrel -
Emu -
Mangoose -
Friendly Friend -
Beaver -
The bunny lives in a tall apartment building in a busy city and loves to go about in his convertible car. One day he'll visit his good friend, Orange Squirrel and another day he'll find himself dragged around an amusement park from one nauseating ride to another. And all the while.... shhhhhhhhhhh. Not a word.

The show mainly deals with the complete innocence and ignorance of the Bunny, and how he sees the real world. Much like itís creator (Graham), the bunny sees most people somewhat stilted. . .listen to the voices, and this comes across. . .I hope. Humans in the Bunnyís world are most often seen only as torsos and legs. . .usually no heads. Again, I think this is because when Graham talks to people he tends to look at their shoes or shirts. Perhaps itís just because the Bunny canít see up that high.

He has his own apartment, although weíre not quite certain what he does to pay for it?

The music is one of the best parts to the series, as it has a very slick jazz sound to it. The music was produced at Bartmart Audio. . .these guys rock.
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