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Tis the Season to be Smurfy


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hanna Barbera
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Papa Smurf - Don Messick
Azrael - Don Messick
Chitter - Don Messick
Smurfette - Lucille Bliss
Hefty - Frank Welker
Monster - Frank Welker
Poet - Frank Welker
Puppy - Frank Welker
Handy - Michael Bell
Lazy - Michael Bell
Grouchy - Michael Bell
Jokey - June Foray
Gargamel - Paul Winchell
Clumsy - Bill Callaway
Rich Man - Bill Callaway
Vanity - Alan Oppenheimer
Doctor - Alan Oppenheimer
Brainy - Danny Goldman
Greedy - Hamilton Camp
Woody - Hamilton Camp
Tailor - Kip King
Farmer - Alan Young
Timber - Bernard Erhard
Snappy - Pat Musick
Anna - Pat Musick
Slouchy - Noelle North
Nat - Charlie Adler
Thief - Charlie Adler
Baby Smurf - Julie Dees
Grandpa - Jonathan Winters
Gustav - Les Tremayne
Hans - Justin Gocke
Willem - William Schallert
Elise - Peggy Weber
Sheriff - Jess Douchette
The smurfs bring holiday cheer to an old toy seller and his sick wife.
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