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Sylvanian Families, The


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Characters & Voices
Packbat - Len Carlson
Papa Herb Wildwood - Len Carlson
Bridget - Tara Charendoff
Rusty Wildwood - Noam Zylberma
This show is about the Sylvanian Families which are very small animals that live in a small community. It is based on the toys that came out around the same time. In this series, it starts off with a young child on Earth who is having some kind of problem. That night when he / she goes to bed, they dream themselves to Mr. Woodkeeper's house. Once there, he makes them very small to fit through the door that leads to the land of the Sylvanian Families. While the young person is there, they meet one particular family who they become friends with. The family differs for each person. Some member of the family is having a similar problem to the child, and together they figure out how to overcome it. Once the problem is resolved, the child leaves the world of Sylvania and then knows how to deal with the problem in real life. There are also bad guys that live in Sylvania who make some of the problems for the Sylvanian Families. They are Pack Bat and Gator Possum.
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