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Characters & Voices
Mike Mercury - Graydon Gould
Jimmy Gibson - Sylvia Anderson
Mitch - David Graham
Zarin - David Graham
Doctor Beaker - David Graham
Professor Popkiss - George Murcell
Masterspy - George Murcell
Puppeteers/ Puppet Makers/ Producers/ Creators - Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Harper -
Judd -
This popular British kids tv puppet show was first seen in syndication on WPIX TV Ch.11 in NYC Saturday evenings and Weekday afternoons from September, 1961 to the mid 1960's.

Created and produced by the puppeteering team of Gerry And Sylvia Anderson, "Supercar" followed the adventures of a team of scientists and private rescue operatives who used their super secret device "Supercar" (A vehicle that could hover over land, fly thru the skies and travel under the seas, and was equipped with a “Clear-vu” display screen, which allowed Mike to see through clouds or fog.) to save people and aid in scientific experiments for the U.S. Government.

Prof. Popkiss and Dr. Beaker were the creators and supervisors of the team. Mike Mercury was the project's pilot and heroic icon and Jimmy was Mike Mercury's ward. (Jimmy'sparents were killed in a plane crash. Mr. Mercury decided to adopt the boy). Mitch, Jimmy's pet monkey was there to provide laughs with his continuious mischief. More often than not the Supercar team would cross swords with their arch enemies Masterspy (A fat,pompus gangster patterned after Sidney Greenstreet) and his toadying little henchman Zoltan (A dithery, doltish gunsel patterned after Peter Lorrie).

The group would also receive visits from Aunt Heide, Prof. Popkiss' sister and her little ward (An orphan French girl that The Supercar team saved from an abusive guardian). Character actress and dialectician Lois Maxwell (Best remembered by movie fans as "Miss Moneypenny" in The early James Bond Movies)was the voice of Jimmy.

Compared to Anderson's later shows, Supercar was very simple. As he developed new technologies and more life-like puppets, Gerry Anderson would be responsible for some of the most memorable children's shows ever created, including Fireball XL-5 and Thunderbirds.
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