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Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Century 21 Television


Characters & Voices
Troy Tempest - Don Mason
Phones - Robert Easton
Agent X20 - Robert Easton
Atlanta - Lois Maxwell
Commander Shore - Ray Barrett
Titan - Ray Barrett
Sub - Lieutenant Fisher
With the success of Supercar and Fireball XL5, Gerry Anderson launched his third "Supermarionation" program, which was set under water. Stingray was an atomic submarine with an impressive arsenal of missles. The craft was piloted by Troy Tempest (with his constantly raised eyebrow), who worked for the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP) in order to battle Titan, the evil ruler of Titanica. Troy’s second-in-command was southern gentleman George “Phones” Sheridan, and the beautiful, green-haired mermaid Marina rounded out the crew. Marina was the daughter of Aphony, who ruled Pacifica and was rescued by Troy and crew in the first episode.

Commander Shore, a paraplegic who got around through the use of a hovercraft, oversaw the operation. Shore’s daughter, Atlanta, was his assistant when she wasn’t busy trying to get Troy to notice her.

Titan’s henchmen included right hand man and comic relief was Agent X-20, as well as an army of Aquaphibians, who used their Terror Fish to battle Stingray.

Aside from the memorable theme song, (“Stingraaaaaay, Stingray!”) some of the best parts of the show were the underwater scenes, which were mostly accomplished by shooting a model of Stingray behind a thin aquarium full of guppies.

Stingray was, for the most part, a success for Anderson, since it contained most of the elements that made his earlier shows so entertaining. The one ingredient that was missing, however, was a large cast; something he would soon inject into future projects, Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds
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