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Stingiest Man in Town, The


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Christmas special

Characters & Voices
B.A.H. Humbug - Tom Bosley
Ebeneezer Scrooge - Walter Matthau
Jacob Marley's Ghost - Theodore Bikel
Ghost of Xmas Past - Paul Frees
Martha - Debbie Clinger
Tiny Tim - Robert Rolofson
Belinda - Steffani Calli
Peter - Eric Hines
Mrs. Crachit - Darlene Conley
Young Scrooge - Robert Morse
Fred - Dennis Day
Ghost Of Christmas Present - Paul Frees
This animated yuletide tv special was an animated remake of a live action musical tv special, which was based upon Sir Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol!".

The show was presented in the early 1950's on "The Alchoa Hour!" on NBC TV and it starred Basil Rathbone as "Eberneezer Scrooge" and Martyn Green as "Bob Cratchet".

Rankin/Bass' animated musical tv remake of "The Stingiest Man In Town" was also seen as a part of "The Alchoa Hour" and aired on NBC TV during the Christmas Holidays of 1978.
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