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Jim Terry Productions


Characters & Voices
Homer Winthrow -
Paladin Spencer -
Foul Tip -
Dr. Copernicus -
Ceres -
Joey -
Emperor Ramsort -
Great Learned One -
Colonel Fuerer -
This was part of the "Force Five" cartoon series. Also known as Getta Robo G in Japan.


"It was a secret project that must have seemed bizarre in nature at first to the few who learned about it. The Starvengers laboratory was built in a remote, secluded, mountainous area to protect the confidentiality of the project. My name is Copernicus. For two years I've worked creating a new generation of super robots capable of highly specialized defence functions. The time was drawing near when my work would be tested, defending the earth against a race of men who had come from beyond the stars. The Starvenger robot when fully assembled is a flying battle wagon that stands over 120 feet tall. To provide the tremendous amounts of energy that the robot used in its operation we developed a totally new power system called the Omicron Generator. From the sun and from the stars, it collects the faint but powerful omicron rays. These are transferred to the Starvengers' power plants.The resulting energy is profound. The robot is actually three fighting machines in one. Its components are three tactical fighting rockets that perform individually in combat or interchangeably reassemble into one of three battle units. These units are called Star Poseidon, Star Arrow,and Star Dragon. Homer Winthrow qualified to fly Star Dragon. Paladin Spencer was picked for Star Arrow, but the strenuous position of pilot for Star Poseidon had yet to be filled, which is really where our story begins...".
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