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SpongeBob Squarepants


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
United Plankton Pictures


Characters & Voices
Singers: Patrick Pinney -
Sara Paxton -
Camryn Walling -
SpongeBob: Tom Kenny -
Patrick: Bill Fagerbakke -
Squidward: Rodger Bumpass -
Sandy: Carolyn Lawrence -
Mr. Krabs: Clancy Brown -
Pearl: Lori Alan -
Mrs. Puff: Mary Jo Catlett -
Mama Krabs: Paul Tibbit -
Larry: Mr. Lawrence -
Doctor: Carlos Alazraqui -
Mayor: -
Narrator: Tom Kenny -
Announcer (A. Realistic Fish - Head):
Anchovies: Tom Kenny -
Flying Dutchman: Brian Doyle - Murray
King Neptune: John O’Hurley -
DoodleBob: Paul Tibbit -
Mermaid Man: Ernest Borgnine -
Barnacle Boy: Tim Conway -
ManRay: -
Dirty Bubble: -
Scooter: -
Plankton: Mr. Lawrence -
Plankton's Computer (Karen) : Jill Talley -
Squilliam: Rodger Bumpass (?) -
Flats: Tom Wilson -
Bubble Bass: -
Kevin: -
Pirate Painting: Patrick Pinney -
Bubble Bowl Announcer: -
Ice Cream Salesman: -
Reg: Tom Wilson -
Mr. SquarePants: Tom Kenny -
Mrs. SquarePants: Mary Jo Catlett -
Grandma SquarePants: Marion Ross -
Mr. Star: Tom Wilson -
Mrs Star: Lori Alan -
Janet: Lori Alan -
Marty: Tom Wilson -
Mindy: Scarlett Johansson -
Snails: Tom Kenny -
Male Starfish: Bill Fagerbakke -
Female Starfish: Lori Alan -
Male Squids: Rodger Bumpass (?) -
Female Squids: -
Male Old fish: Tom Kenny -
Female Old Fish: Tom Kenny -
Kids: Sara Paxton -
Male Background Fish: -
Levi Tinker -
Tom Wilson -
Carlos Alazraqui -
Dee Bradley Baker -
Tom Wilson -
Female Background Fish: -
Caroyn Lawrence -
Sirena Irwin -
Spongebob works at the Krusty Krab, an underwater fast food restaurant. His best friend is Patrick, who always lends advice and a helping hand. Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel that lives underwater, and she is the apple of Spongebob's eye. Then you have Squidward, a stuck-up squid who works with Spongebob at the eatery. As any series goes, some changes are made to the plot to spice things up.

Sandy works as a Karate Chopper with SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab, Patrick often gets hired by Mr. Krabs, and Squidward is the manager of the Komedy Krab, while Mr. Krabs hosts. Most of the episodes end in the middle of an interesting scene or at the climax. SpongeBob has millions of hobbies, including Jellefishing, Spice Gardening, Bubble Blowing, cooking, Karate, Gary,... Squidward's unrecognized talents are art and music. Patrick has a usually stupid personality and has no known hobbies. Mr Krabs loves money, Mrs Puff is SpongeBob's impatient driving instructor, Sandy's hobbies involve strength...Other notes will be listed with specific episodes.
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