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Space Kidettes


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hanna Barbera


Characters & Voices
Scooter - Chris Allen
Snoopy - Lucille Bliss
Jennie - Janet Waldo
Count Down - Don Messick
Pup Star - Don Messick
Capt. Sky Hook - Daws Butler
Static - Daws Butler
Take a group of kids, put them together, and before the day is over, they'll inevitably form a club. The Space Kidettes were no different than other children, except that their clubhouse was located in outer space.

These four kids and their dog just wanted to hang out in their clubhouse and explore the vastness of their universe. Every kidís dream, right? Unfortunately, they were forced to spend most of their time foiling the evil plans of Captain Spacehook and his sidekick Static.

It was never explained why these kids spent so much time away from their parents or why Captain Spacehook felt so compelled to capture them, but it didnít matter. The idea of floating through space with your best friends and faithful dog was enough to make this cartoon a favorite for any kid.

The Space Kidettes were seemingly oblivious to the evil plans of Captain Spacehook, and whenever they end up defeating him, it appeared to be by sheer luck. On second analysis, however, the reasons behind their success goes much deeper. The Kidettes, after all, were a good-natured group, and spend most of their day doing good deeds that built up an exemplary karma that no nemesis could touch. Captain Spacehook, on the other hand, was so out-of-kilter with the universe that he had no chance of success at all. This message may have been lost on most viewers, but it was a strong message, and once again proved that cartoons are often more than meets the eye.
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