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Etno - Maurice LaMarche
Entitled "Les Zinzins de l'Espace" or "Maison a louer" (Home for Rent)

A house full of sensitive aliens is a cartoon series just waiting to happen. In 1997, Space Goofs provided the world with just that, chronicling the heartwarming, hilarious adventures of a bunch of goofy space aliens with funny names.

Etno, Gorgeous, Bud, Stereo, and Candy were the five funny-looking aliens whose humanity was uncanny, despite their having, on the average, fewer limbs and more heads than your typical human. The goofy bunch crash landed on Earth and immediately started trying to find a way off this insane planet. Realizing that if they were discovered by humans, they could become large lab rats, the aliens hid in a run-down Victorian house. Here, they tried to fix their spaceship, awaiting their exodus. Since it would clearly take a while, they decided to kill some time watching television, finding out more about the bizarre nature of Earth culture. In the event that the respectable aliens were caught in the act of being themselves, they had the ability to hastily transform themselves into other animate or inanimate objects.

With a theme song by Iggy Pop, Space Goofs was a hip, sophisticated cartoon, reminiscent of Ren & Stimpy in its edgy tone. The half-hour, French/US co-production benefited from American zaniness and a more continental sense of existential humor, a mix that was inviting to the 90's cartoon-viewing audience, young and old.

Above all, Space Goofs proved that any space alien who could learn to be a proper couch potato would be welcome on the planet Earth.
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