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South Park


Original Air Date:
Comedy Central
Prod. Co.:
Comedy Central


Characters & Voices
Chef - Isaac Hayes
Eric Cartman - Trey Parker
Ike Broslofshi - Jesse Howell
Jesus - Matt Stone
Jimbo Marsh - Matt Stone
Kenny McCormick - Matt Stone
Kenny's Mom - Shannen Cassidy
Kyle Broslofski - Matt Stone
Mayor McDaniels - Shannen Cassidy
Mr. Garrison - Trey Parker
Ms. Cartman - Shannen Cassidy
Ms. Crabtree - Shannen Cassidy
Nurse Gollem - Shannen Cassidy
Officer Barbrady - Trey Parker
Pip - Matt Stone
Principal Victoria - Shannen Cassidy
Sheena - Jeanie Ader, Jeanie Miller
Sheila Broslofski - Shannen Cassidy
Shelly Marsh - Shannen Cassidy
Stan Marsh - Trey Parker
Stan's Mom - Shannen Cassidy
Wendy Testaburger - Shannen Cassidy
Mr. Mackey - Trey Parker
This show is for adults. It is full of foul language and adult content. It's great. Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Kenny are the four boys that this show mainly focuses on. Cartman is the fat boy who likes to tell everyone to kiss his ass and exclaim "sunavabitch!" a lot. His mother adores him and keeps him plenty full on food. "Beefcake!" She also will sleep with anyone. Stan has a serious crush on Wendy, and every time he sees her he pukes. Stan's older sister is Shelly, a brace-faced evil girl who beats the crap out of him. Kyle is the Jew, and his brother is Ike. Then there is Kenny. In almost every episode, Kenny faces a brutal murder. Then the rats get to his corpse. Mr. Garrison is the homosexual teacher who denies that he is. His whatever is Mr. Hat, a puppet that he thinks is real. Wherever he goes, Mr. Hat is on his hand. For a while Mr. Hat had left and then Mr. Twig took his place. One day Mr. Hat came back and killed Mr. Twig. Chef is the school's lunch guy who is always hot and horny. In most episodes he sings a song that relates to sex or body parts. The songs aren't always intended for that, but that is pretty much what they refer to. Stan's Uncle Jimbo and his friend Ned hunt and kill pretty much anything. They seem to have enough ammo and artillery to start a war. Officer Barbrady is an idiot, Nurse Golem has a dead fetus attached to the side of her face, Pip is the little British boy that is called Frog (a slang term referring to a french person), and the Mayor just can't do her job. Oh, and Jesus has his own talk show.
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