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Smurfs Adventures


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hanna Barbera


Characters & Voices
Azrael - Don Messick
Baby Smurf - Paul Winchell, Julie Dees
Brainy Smurf - Barry Gordon
Clockwork Smurf - Frank Welker
Clumsy Smurf - Bill Callaway
Dame Barbara - Linda Gary
Dreamy Smurf - Don Messick
Farmer Smurf - Alan Young
Gargamel - Paul Winchell
Grandpa Smurf - Jonathan Winters
Granny Smurf - Susan Blu
Greedy Smurf - Hamilton
Grouchy Smurf - Michael Bell
Handy Smurf - Michael Bell
Harmony Smurf - Hamilton Camp
Hefty Smurf - Frank Welker
Johan - Michael Bell
Jokey Smurf - June Foray
King - Bob Holt
Lazy Smurf - Michael Bell
Mother Nature - June Foray
Narrator - Paul Kirby, Kris Stevens
Nat - Charlie Adler
Nosey Smurf - Paul Winchell
Painter Smurf - Bill Callaway
Papa Smurf - Don Messick
Peewit - Frank Welker
Poet Smurf - Frank Welker
Puppy - Frank Welker
Sasette Smurf - Julie Dees
Scaredy Smurf - Alan Young
Scruple - Brenda Vaccaro
Sleepy Smurf - Don Messick
Sloppy Smurf - Marshall Efron
Slouchy Smurf - Noelle North
Smurfette - Lucille Bliss
Snappy Smurf - Pat Musick
Tailor Smurf - Kip King
Vanity Smurf - Alan Oppenheimer
The Smurfs are little blue people that live deep in the forest. Each smurf has his / her own personality that contributes to the scheme of things in their village. Papa Smurf is the leader of the smurfs. Whatever he says, goes. Smurfette is the girl. That's pretty much all she does. Vanity is full of himself, Jokey gives exploding presents to everyone, Brainy is the annoying nerd, Handy fixes things, Hefty is the strong one, and so forth. A mean man named Gargamel, along with his cat Azrael, are always trying to capture and destroy the Smurfs. He hates their goodness. In this show new smurfs were introduced to the show, like Sasette Smurf, who mas created by Gargamel, and Baby Smurf. Also, the Smurfs are good friends with the animals of the forest and Mother Nature. Very few humans know of the Smurfs existence. Some of the ones who do are Johan, the King's son, and Peewit, his squire friend.
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