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Silver Brumby, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Animation Works

Characters & Voices
Thowra - Brett Climo
Boon Boon - Marg Downey
Eee - Marg Downey
Fillies - Marg Downey
Mrs Whipbird - Marg Downey
Bindi - Marg Downey
Warri - Marg Downey
Sister Wombat - Marg Downey
Aranda - Marg Downey
Moolie - Marg Downey
Silky - Marg Downey
Yuri - Daniel Daperis
Narrabri - Daniel Daperis
Golden (1) - Robyn Gibbes
Boon Boon (1) - Rebecca Gibney
Golden (2) - Abbe Holmes
Mu - Richard Aspel
Baby Wombat - Richard Aspel
Joey - Richard Aspel
Yooralla - Andrew Balloch
Anne (2) - Leah Campbell
Currawong - Michael Carmen
Mopoke - Michael Carmen
Wombat - Michael Carmen
Trappers - Michael Carmen
Bull - Michael Carmen
The Prospector - Edward Hepple
Burra - Hamish Hughes
The Stranger - Hamish Hughes
Yarraman - Matthew King
Bob - Matthew King
Don - Matthew King
Lion - Matthew King
Charlie - Chris Lyons
Tom (1) - Jeffrey Walker
Tom (2) - Alex McClean
Anne (1) - Pia Morley
The Brolga - John Stanton
Benni (narrator) - Charles 'Bud' Tingwell
Arrow (2) - Stephen Whittaker
Ebony - Stephen Whittaker
Echo - Stephen Whittaker
The Driver - Stephen Whittaker
'The Silver Brumby tells of the adventures of the magnificent silver colt Thowra, son of the mighty Yarraman and destined to become king of all the wild horses. A noble colt, intelligent and courageous, Thowra, his brothers Storm and Arrow and their friends the bush animals including Benni, the wise kangaroo, are the enemies of the Mountain Men who want to capture the wild horses and take away their freedom.
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