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Sigmund and the Sea Monsters


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Sid & Marty Krofft Productions

Characters & Voices
Big Daddy - Sharon Baird
Sigmund Ooze - Billy Barty
Blurp - Bill Germaine
Local gossip - Margret Hamilton
Sheriff Bevans - Joe Higgins
Scott Stuart - Scott Kolden
Shelby - Sparky Marcus
Gertrude - Fran Ryan
Sweet Mama - Van Snowden
Slurp - Fred Spencer
Sheldon, the Sea Genie - Rip Taylor
Johnnie Whitaker - Sigmund
Zelda Marshall - Mary Wickes
"There's nothing like a day out on the beach,
When all it does is rain.
You need somebody else to make,
The sun come out again…"

The inspiration behind Sigmund and the Sea Monsters is almost as unbelievable as the show itself. On a day at the beach in La Jolla, California, Sid Krofft saw some seaweed floating up from a cave. Sid thought the seaweed appeared to be alive. Later, Sid would indeed bring that seaweed to life...as Sigmund, the loveable Sea Monster.

Sigmund did for sea monsters what Casper did for ghosts. He was loveable and affectionate, and for that, Sigmund's family insisted he leave their cave and not return until he had scared some humans. Wandering the beaches alone, Sigmund was found by brothers Johnny and Scott Stuart while they were out surfing. They took him back home to live in their clubhouse and became fast friends.

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters followed the misadventures of Johnny, Scott, and Sigmund as they tried to avoid Sigmund’s evil sea monster family, the Oozes. Big Daddy, Sweet Mama, and brothers Burp and Slurp Ooz repeatedly attempted to kidnap Sigmund and take him back to their cave. Johnny and Scott also worked hard to keep Sigmund out of sight from Zelda, their housekeeper and guardian (in the second season, Zelda was replaced by a new housekeeper, USMC drill sergeant Gertrude). Nosy neighbor Miss Eddels and Zelda’s boyfriend Sheriff Chuck Bevins rounded out the first season's cast.

In the second season, Sigmund found a shell that summoned Sheldon, a bumbling, magical sea genie who couldn't seem to ‘whammy’ a spell properly. Sheldon’s nephew Shelby soon joined in on the fun.

Billy Barty, who had a role in nearly every Krofft series produced, played Sigmund in costume and provided the character's voice. The show's stellar cast also included Margaret Hamilton (the original Wicked Witch of the West), Mary Wickes, Scott Kolden, and the inimitable Rip Taylor as Sheldon.

Johnny Whitaker, who played Johnny, gained popularity in 1966 as ‘Jody’ on CBS’ Family Affair. He also played the title role in a Disney musical version of Tom Sawyer. Sigmund and the Sea Monsters served as a showcase for Whitaker’s singing career, which spawned one full-length record, Friends, which featured the show's theme song. When the Krofft brothers initially approached Johnny about starring on the show, he said he would agree, but only if he could sing and surf. Sid and Marty certainly kept their word.
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