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Shining Time Station


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Characters & Voices
Mr. Conductor - George Carlin / Ringo Starr
Stacy - Didi Conn
Ginny - Barbara Hamilton
J.B. - Mart Hulswit
Harry - Leonard Jackson
Billy - Tom Jackson III
Tanya - Nicole Leach
Midge - Bobo Lewis
Kara - Erica Luttrell
Dan - Ari Magder
Becky - Danielle Marcot
Schemer - Brian O'Connor
Felix - Aurelio Padron
Little Schemee - Jonathan Shapiro
Matt - Jason Woliner
This show takes place at Shining Time Station, where all of the characters reside. Scheemer is a guy with a serious hair problem and is always coming up with new ideas on how to make money. When the kids come along, Mr. Train Conductor tells them a story about Thomas in a similar predicament that Skeemer is getting himself into. In the story Thomas and the rest of the trains in the train yard have to overcome some kind of dilemma. After the story, a moral is learned and Skeemer sees the error of his ways. Also, the original Mr. Train Conductor was the famous Ringo Starr from Beatles fame.
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