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She's A Good Skate, Charlie Brown


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Characters & Voices
Charlie Brown - Arrin Skelley
Marcie Johnson - Casey Carlson
Peppermint Patty Reichardt - Patricia Patts
Coach - Scott Beach
Announcer - Scott Beach
Teacher - Debbie Muller
Bully - Tim Hall
Woodstock (singing) - Jason Serinus
Sandy Phillips - Karen Hutton
Mora Harrison - Amy Schultz
Evelyn Reynolds - Mary Kinsey
Lucy Van Pelt - Angela Lee
Schroeder Diaz - Brad Kensten
Linus Van Pelt - Earl Reily
Snoopy - Bill Melendez
Woodstock - Bill Melendez
Snoopy is Patty's skating coach, and a real hard one at that. He is training her for a big meet which is right around the corner. Patty trains hard and long, but trouble happens at the meet. The music which Patty would be skating to got all tangled up with Snoopy and now without music, she is sure to fail. Along comes Woodstock to save the day. He has the music memorized and wistles it while Patty does her performance.
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In 1945, Brenda Starr, who had previously appeared only on Sundays, added a daily strip as well.