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Secret World of Santa Claus, The


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Entitled "Le Monde Secret du Pere Noel"

REVELATIONS ABOUT "THE SECRET WORLD OF SANTA CLAUS"! Every child knows that Santa Claus gives toys to good children all over the world, travels in a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer and comes down the chimney to deliver his presents. But how does he get ready for Christmas? Where does he live, and with who? How does he know about the children and set about choosing their presents? How has he adapted to modern life? What are his secret powers? THE SECRET WORLD OF SANTA CLAUS at last provides some answers to these questions which fill children's minds, in an animated series where each episode is an adventure full of magic, comedy and suspense. SOMEONE'S OUT TO GET SANTA CLAUS! SANTA CLAUS has to watch out for the traps laid by his two bitter enemies who will stop at nothing to make him fail: · GRUZZLEBEARD is an extravagant character who hates Christmas... He dreams of abolishing this stupid holiday! His house suits him perfectly: disturbing and ridiculous at the same time! · DUDLEY, his sidekick, is an elf who went bad. SANTA CLAUS AND HIS TEAM: SANTA CLAUS isn't going to disappoint his young admirers. He is good-humored and generous, kind and resourceful. SANTA is assisted by his three faithful elves, each with their own special magic powers, on his crucial mission: · THÓREN handles the children's letters. Her magic powers will come in very handy: she can fly and become invisible... and she also loves to play practical jokes on her friends! · JORDI is a talented inventor who designs children's toys. He too has an amazing power: he can change himself into an animal - making him the perfect spy. · GUILFI is a tireless workaholic, making each of the toys with a spectacular machine. He is still in elf training, and hasn't yet been given his magic powers. BALBO is a gullible polar bear who follows Santa Claus and his elves everywhere... Unfortunately, his every move results in disaster! SANTA CLAUS's sleigh is pulled by reindeer RUDOLPH, BLITZEN and DONNER who fly through the air and speak like people. THE WORLD OF SANTA CLAUS: The house where Santa Claus and his elves live is a children's paradise. The four of them live in a huge playroom: SANTA CLAUS's meals arrive on remote-controlled cars, and the elves use a slide to leave the house! Next door, SANTA CLAUS's workshop is a magical place designed to make children's dreams come true, equipped with a machine to produce the toys. SANTA CLAUS's village is proud of their hero. SANTA CLAUS's statute stands in the square, a Christmas atmosphere reigns all year round, and there is a special sorting office for letters... During their adventures, Santa Claus and his elves travel to various extraordinary destinations: igloos, luxurious villas, the forest of the Trolls... EACH STORY IS AN ADVENTURE... · SANTA CLAUS has to deliver a present to a child-astronaut. · Two naughty kids have hacked into SANTA CLAUS's "Santanet" to get themselves presents which they don't deserve! · RUDOLPH mysteriously disappears just when he's needed most... · SANTA CLAUS must prove to the International Santa Claus Commission that he's still capable of carrying out his duties. · A robot built by JORDI runs wild, and must be stopped before it destroys everything. · SANTA CLAUS and his assistants must fend off an attack from the nasty Devastator Trolls. · GRUZZLEBEARD launches a fiendish plan to disrupt the important Christmas Congress. Luckily, "NOTHING'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR SANTA CLAUS"!
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