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Secret Railroad, The


Original Air Date:
Global Television Network
Prod. Co.:
Les Films du Train Secret Inc.

Characters & Voices
Simon - …lisabeth Chouvalidzť
Mr. Passenger (Monsieur Globetrotteur) - Jean Fontaine
Stella - »ve Gagnier
Entitled "Les Voyages De Tortillard"

The Secret Railroad was a Canadian-made animated television series, about a boy named Simon who discovers a magical unused railroad in the basement of his apartment building. The Ghost of the Railroad has hidden the last train here because people prefer to drive and no one takes the train anymore. Simon dons the engineer's hat the he find on the train and sets off to adventure. There is only one stop along the route, where Mr. George T. Passenger has been waiting for a long time for the train's arrival.

And so every episode, Simon picks up Mr. Passenger and heads off to adventure. Joining them is Mr. Passenger's cat Melanie. Also present in each episode is Stella, a girl with star shaped hair, who plays a different role every time. If the episode is set underwater she might be a mermaid, if the episode is set in space she might be an alien.

Theme song:

When you are feeling blue,
When you are feeling down.
Just do what Simon did;
Go underground.
Down there in the dark,
You hear a happy sound.
It's the secret railroad.
Adventure bound!
You better climb on board
the train's about to leave.
All you need is a passenger.
Your tickets, please!
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