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Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Decode Entertainment

Characters & Voices
Foo - Aaryn Doyle
Ka Chung - Mitchel Eisner
Custard - Jordan Francis
Jazzi - Tajja Isen
BB Jammies - Connor Price
Noodle - Mark Rendall
The Save-Ums is an exciting television series for preschool children, which aims to encourage creative thinking through the use of technology. The Save-Ums are little Heroes who live on a round island in a place called Save-Ums Central. Driven to help others, the Save-Ums monitor their world and will travel to wherever there is a problem
to solve or someone to help. No adventure is too big or too small.

Each adventure begins at Save-Ums Central, the Save-Ums' home. This is a building filled with domes, bright tubes and all kinds of playthings that appeal to children. At the beginning of each adventure, the Save-Ums are shown working, playing, interacting with each other, or looking after their funny pets called "Puffs". The objective is to show the Save-Ums in situations that demonstrate positive relationships, empathy towards others, non-violent problem solving, cooperative play and an interest to take risks and develop a "daring attitude toward life".
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